Brot wie beim Bäcker -

Bread like at the bakery

Tips and Tricks

The perfect bread like from the bakery

Use high quality ingredients

Good bread starts with high-quality flour, water, salt and yeast or sourdough. Tips and tricks for the perfect bread,

Give the dough time to rise .

Patience is key when baking bread. Allow the dough enough time to rise to achieve good volume and structure.

Bread like a baker's tips and tricks, Knead the dough thoroughly

A well-kneaded dough results in a good structure and texture of the bread.

Tips and tricks Bread like from the bakery,

Use sourdough and yeast

This can help the bread last longer and taste better.

Fermentation box or a warm place

A proofing box or a warm place can help the dough rise faster and more evenly.

Baking bread tips and tricks,

Use steam in the oven

The steam helps the bread get a crispy crust and rise better in the oven.

Let the bread cool sufficiently

This helps keep the crust crispy and retain moisture in the bread.

Only cut the bread when it has cooled down

Warm bread can be tough and harder to cut. We therefore recommend only cutting the bread when it has completely cooled down.


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