Gesund ins neue Jahr -

Healthy into the new year

with the Soup & Steam from KOENIG

In this blog post you will find out good reasons why you should eat soup regularly and how you can easily do this with the Soup & Steam from KOENIG. You will also find a delicious recipe for a tomato quinoa soup with feta. Have fun while reading.

A good start to the new year!

With the Soup & Steam from KOENIG

Vitamins and nutrients in a balanced meal are essential for an extra dose of well-being in the new year. Because a freshly pureed soup or a healthy smoothie helps to strengthen the immune system and thus prevent illnesses. The multifunctional device Soup & Steam from KOENIG is a great helper in preparation.

Why you should eat soup regularly:

Soups are rich in nutrients: The Vitamins and minerals remain in the vegetables actually in the soup because, unlike vegetables cooked in water, the cooking water is not thrown away.

Strengthens the immune system : A healthy soup provides the body with important nutrients, vitamins and fiber that promote health. In addition, soups often contain herbs that also strengthen our immune system. If you are sick, you should definitely resort to the tried and tested soup!

Good for digestion : We can digest liquid or pureed food better than raw food. Vegetables also contain high-quality water, fill us up with their fiber and thus promote digestion .

Detoxifies : Liquid meals can help the body eliminate toxins more quickly. In addition, soups are a good way to incorporate more green leafy vegetables into your diet. The chlorophyll it contains has a detoxifying effect.

Soups help increase the proportion of vegetables in the diet:

Soups help you and your family eat more vegetables almost “incidentally,” and the vegetable flavor is also less noticeable in a creamy soup. Soups are a good way to increase the tolerance limit for vegetables, especially for picky eaters.

Made easy with the Soup & Steam from KOENIG

Because the KOENIG Soup & Steam stand mixer can cook, mix and steam, it is ideal for preparing vitamin-rich delicacies and can even chop up solid and frozen ingredients. The operation is very simple: 1. Fill in the ingredients 2. Select the program 3. Enjoy. With the practical auto-clean function, cleaning is also easy at the touch of a button. A recipe book with various recipes for the cooking mixer is also included.

Soup & Steam Koenig,

With just one click to Soup & Steam from KOENIG

Here is another delicious tomato cream soup recipe

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