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On the go. With the heatable lunch box from KOENIG

Heat box from KOENIG

Three billion fewer meals

According to studies , over three billion fewer meals have been eaten at home over the past 10 years! So eating habits have changed significantly. Working people who commute in particular don't have time to cook . The consumption of ready meals is increasing and preparing meals yourself is decreasing.

Benefits of a hot meal

  • Certain foods are easier to digest when cooked .
  • Warm meals are generally eaten more slowly , which also supports digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • It is believed that warm food is perceived more intensely by the taste receptor and therefore sends stronger signals to the brain, which makes the food appear tastier to us.
  • Egg and milk allergy sufferers who react to the protein ovalbumin can destroy it by baking or heating it to such an extent that they can tolerate the egg and/or milk well.

However, a balanced diet plan certainly includes a combination of cold or raw and warm or cooked meals, although the warm meals should of course best be prepared yourself. Ready-made meals should be avoided if possible.

Recommendations for a health-promoting diet

  1. Food diversity
  2. Vegetables and fruits – take “5 a day”
  3. Choose whole grains.
  4. Use health-promoting fats.
  5. Save sugar and salt.
  6. Prepare gently

Health-promoting nutrition

KOENIG HeatsBox – the heatable lunch box with app

The perfect alternative to a microwave allows you to heat meals wherever you are: whether in the office or at home , in the car or on the construction site , all that is needed is a power source. The fast and even heating process up to 85 °C preserves the fresh taste and full nutritional values ​​of the food . You can even cook entire dishes with the HeatsBox. Thanks to the easy-to-use “Plan” app function, the meal time can be set.

Heat box from KOENIG,

Main advantages of a HeatsBox


Fast and even heating thanks to the patented heating process.


The stainless steel inner bowl with lid ensures easy cleaning.

+ 100% TIGHT

Even soups can be transported without any worries.


Fits in any bag and still offers enough space for a full meal

+ 12-240V

Ideal in the office but can also be used in the car with a 12V adapter

Sliced ​​chicken recipe

For 4 people

Preparation: approx. 20 minutes


  • 3 dl chicken bouillon
  • 3 organic lemons
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 shallots
  • 600 g chicken breast
  • 200 g crème fraîche
  • 50 g rocket


  1. 3 dl chicken bouillon with the juice of 3 organic lemons and the grated peel of one organic lemon,
  2. 1 finely chopped garlic clove
  3. Bring 2 finely chopped shallots to the boil and let them steep for about 5 minutes.
  4. Cut 600 g chicken breast into strips approx. 1 cm wide, add, let sit just below the boiling point for approx. 15 minutes, do not boil.
  5. Remove the chicken and keep warm.
  6. Boil the liquid uncovered for about 5 minutes.
  7. Add 200 g crème fraîche and 50 g finely chopped rocket.
  8. Add chicken and mix.
  9. Serve with a little rocket.

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