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what is Halloween?

and how did this custom come to us?


Halloween is coming soon again. On October 31st, this Celtic tradition brings terror and fun . People have been going from house to house in Europe since the 20th century. But what are the backgrounds of Halloween?

Here you can find out more about the spooky Halloween day and below you will find a delicious pumpkin soup recipe that can be prepared quickly and easily with the leftovers of your pumpkin .

How did the tradition come about?

Halloween refers to the folk customs on the evening and night before All Saints' Day , from October 31st to November 1st . This custom was originally widespread in Catholic Ireland. They celebrated their harvest, the beginning of the cold season and the start of a new calendar year. The Irish immigrants in the USA maintained and expanded their customs in memory of their homeland.

How did Halloween come to Switzerland?

Halloween was brought to Europe by US soldiers in the 20th century. They were stationed in Germany and celebrated Halloween during this time. The German population found this festival interesting , as the German foreign broadcaster Deutsche Welle wrote in an article. The custom eventually spread throughout Europe through films and series .

What do you do on Halloween?

For Halloween you carve spooky patterns into pumpkins and put a candle in them. The children dress up and run from house to house . They knock on the door and ask: “Trick or treat?” There are also theme parties where everyone presents their eerily scary costumes . Some also enjoy it at home with a delicious pumpkin soup and scary films and series.

Pumpkin soup recipe with crockpot slow cooker

It's easy and delicious to cook at home in the crockpot. You can find everything you need here:

ingredients for 4 people:
  • Leftovers from a whole pumpkin
  • 5 pcs. small potatoes
  • 3 pcs. onions
  • 2 pcs. carrots
  • 1 piece of leek
  • Fresh celeriac
  • Sliced ​​ginger
  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 tbsp vegetable broth
  • 1 cup whipped cream
  • some salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, parsley

1. Peel potatoes, carrots and onions

2. Cut the pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and leek into cubes

3. Place in the crockpot, add ginger. Add water, vegetable broth, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper.

4. Cook in the crockpot on low for 7.5 hours.

5. Puree everything, add cream, add parsley, season with salt and pepper.

6. We recommend green salad and bread. Bon appetit!

Here you can access the Crockpot slow cooker with just one click

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