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Easter brunch

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What could be nicer than celebrating Easter with your loved ones while enjoying brunch ? There will be all sorts of homemade delicacies on the table - from colorful eggs to traditional Easter pastries . In this blog post we will tell you how you can prepare your Easter in as time-saving a way as possible and have put together the most popular Easter brunch ideas for you as well as useful tips and tricks so that nothing stands in the way of your cozy Easter meal .
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Perfectly prepared Easter brunch

Brunch means sitting together for a long time with the whole family - without the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. So that the Easter brunch does not become a stressful situation and you as the host can remain relaxed , you can make many preparations the day before or even earlier , such as setting and decorating the table the day before and clearing the space for the buffet .

Many delicious brunch ideas can also be easily prepared one or two days in advance and still taste great in the next few days. The classics include:
  • Dips, creams or fine spreads
  • Soups and stews
  • Pastries such as muffins, cakes and tarts
  • Easter plait made from yeast dough

Easter brunch ideas:

The lavishly laid table usually has something for every taste . Because brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch . This means you can also serve warm dishes in addition to classic breakfast ingredients . So that your guests will remember your brunch for a long time, we have prepared a list of indispensable classics and many delicious Easter brunch ideas for you:

Easter bread and pastries

For a successful Easter brunch , the Sunday braid is a must . The tradition also includes yeast wreaths , which have been eaten at Easter since the 16th century.

Egg dishes from simple to unusual:

Boiled colored eggs are a must at an Easter brunch . Our tip: dye Easter eggs sustainably and naturally. Fried eggs , omelettes , pancakes and waffles also go well with every brunch .
For quickly cooked eggs, we recommend the Steel line egg cooker from KOENIG.
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Sausage, fish and cheese for dishes:

  • Juniper ham
  • Liver sausage
  • hot dog
  • Mountain cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Camembert
  • tofu
  • smoked salmon


Coffee , tea and freshly squeezed orange juice are definitely a must at an Easter brunch.
For quick and easy orange juice, we recommend the Steel Line citrus presser from KOENIG.
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Easter cakes & sweet desserts

Basically any dessert can be a delicious finale to Easter brunch . Experience shows that savory dishes are very popular at first, but later guests at Easter brunch like to switch to coffee , cake and sweet desserts . Therefore, cakes , rhubarb cake or carrot cake should not be missing from a cozy get-together.
Carrot slices (carrots squared) recipe | V Kitchen

Arrange the Easter brunch platter

Arrange the cheese , sausage and salmon separately on large plates . Decorated with fresh herbs , the dishes look particularly delicious. Pastries and bread look nice in a large wicker basket . Place the boiled eggs in an egg holder and provide a separate bowl for the eggshells . Fresh fruits can be distributed separately in a small bowl at the table .
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The perfect decoration for Easter brunch:

If the table for Easter dinner is already set with the food, plates, glasses and napkins, it looks festive. If you would like to have additional Easter lights decorations , we recommend fresh tulips , chocolate eggs or Easter bunnies that are displayed on the table.
We wish you a successful Easter brunch and a happy Easter!

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