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Coffee Day

That's what it's about

International Coffee Day

The fascination for Coffee Day is not only in Switzerland but worldwide - since 2016, the holiday has been combined with “ International Coffee Day ” on October 1st. The day was already celebrated in Japan in 1983 and in China in 1997. International Coffee Day was officially celebrated for the first time in 2015 International Coffee Organization (ICO) announced as part of Expo 2015 in Italy.

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Why is Coffee Day celebrated?

It's not just the popularity of coffee that should be celebrated; Diversity of coffee beans and the millions of people like Farmers, roasters, baristas and more who work hard to make and serve the drink we love.

Coffee consumption in Switzerland

Coffee is the Swiss' favorite drink . Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer drink three cups of coffee per day. A look at the catering industry shows that around 1 million cups of coffee are drunk every day. We generally drink coffee for breakfast, snack and in the afternoon. Usually at the times when tiredness is greatest. Because that's what coffee is known for: as a pick-me-up for the nation. Over 8 kilograms per capita are consumed annually in Switzerland. An international top value! In 2021, per capita coffee consumption was Around 169 liters .

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide

In Asia, Millions of cups of coffee are drunk every day in North and South America and Africa. The original coffee plant comes from Ethiopia, where many coffee beans are still produced today and exported to us in Europe. Other major export countries are Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. Coffee Day is a reason to celebrate for people from all over the world.

The benefits of coffee

The caffeine contained in the drink makes coffee perk up and helps with morning and midday tiredness . There are also many other ingredients in coffee that, for example, boost our metabolism and have other influences on the body. In addition, this wonderful taste , sometimes supplemented with a piece of fine chocolate, is almost impossible to imagine a sometimes rather gray everyday life without.

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