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Caring for the coffee machine properly

Almost every household in Switzerland has at least one coffee machine . The selection of coffee machines is very large these days: fully automatic machines , portafilters and capsule machines . All of these devices have one feature in common : they must be cleaned , degreased and descaled regularly . You can find the most important information about cleaning and descaling your coffee machine in this blog post. Have fun while reading.



Why is cleaning the coffee machine important?

Dirty coffee machines can affect the taste of the coffee and germs can also form . Therefore , cleaning is crucial for coffee enjoyment and hygiene . It is important to wash out the water tank every day and fill it with fresh water . The drip tray , residual water container and pulp container should also be emptied and rinsed daily . In addition, the brewing unit should be rinsed briefly every day .

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Why degrease the coffee machines?

Roasted coffee contains fats and oils . These oils build up in the coffee machine and remain on the parts they come into contact with. There they oxidize and become rancid . The coffee absorbs this rancid aroma and the unwanted taste ends up in the coffee cup . These deposits also have an impact on the lifespan of your coffee machine because over time they cause the spout to become clogged and thus cause your machine to malfunction .

We recommend degreasing the coffee machine once a month.

Why descale the coffee machines?

Limescale in the coffee machine has many effects : Limescale deposits create constrictions , which impairs the preparation process and the flow and thereby significantly increases energy consumption . Limescale also clogs the hoses and the machine can no longer draw water as easily . This can go so far that no water flows out of the machine at all. Descaling , like degreasing , is also important for hygiene , because lime is also a breeding ground for bacteria .

How often do you need to descale the coffee machine?

The frequency of coffee machine descaling depends on two factors : the amount of coffee drunk and the hardness of the water . The more coffee you drink , the more limescale builds up in the machine . KOENIG coffee machines automatically indicate when they need to be descaled , otherwise the rule applies that they should be descaled every 1 to 2 months . A higher frequency may make sense for heavy drinkers and in regions with particularly hard and therefore calcareous water .

We recommend the following products:

Special descaler Calco Clean for all coffee machines

The special descaler Calco Clean - made in Switzerland - is suitable for all coffee and capsule machines . For a highly efficient and extra gentle Descaling . Environmentally friendly , based on natural lactic acid , therefore biodegradable.

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Cleaning tablets

Cleaning tablets for all fully automatic coffee machines, also suitable for espresso machines (portafilter). Thanks to Clean Coffee, every fully automatic coffee machine is clean and the coffee is enjoyable again.

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Cleaning capsules suitable for all Nespresso® coffee machines

Coffee causes oily residue in the brewing chamber and also in the pourer . These residues change the aroma and taste of the coffee . Thanks to Clean Coffee, every Nespresso® machine is clean and the coffee is enjoyable again.

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The cleaning brush for coffee machines

With our cleaning brush for coffee machines , cleaning the interior , the residual water container , the bean container , the grinder and the brewing unit becomes child's play. Made in Switzerland .

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