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Our mission is to create a healthier world by striving for improvement every day. We are committed to givingyou the support you need to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Why is eating fruits and vegetables every day so important?

Vegetables and fruits contain a variety of nutrients that cannot be replicated through artificially produced supplements.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in health-promoting nutrients that can prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity.

Among the dietary habits prevalent in modern society, the greatest threat to our health is a diet focused on foods high in fat and calories.
An imbalance of nutrients in our body can affect our immunity and disrupt important body functions. In addition, it can contribute to the development of lifestyle diseases, including obesity, which is often considered a leading cause of various health problems.

The key to preventing these diseases of civilization lies in an adequate intake of natural vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruits are rich in functional nutrients that strengthen the immune system and promote overall health. Additionally, vegetables and fruits are packed with functional nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which are crucial for maintaining eye, skin and blood vessel health.

Enzymes are vital and must be obtained from natural, raw vegetables and fruits

Enzymes are essential for a long and healthy life because they play a key role in converting the body's nutrients into energy. Enzymes facilitate processes such as digestion and breathing, thereby contributing to the body's overall functionality.

Every person is born with a certain amount of enzymes, but as we age, this amount gradually decreases. The decline in enzyme levels with age leads to reduced energy and problems with digestion. To supplement these diminishing enzymes, it is important to consume enzyme-rich foods, with vegetables and fruits being the main sources.

Enzymes perform specific functions in the body, and to benefit from a variety of enzymes, a wide range of vegetables and fruits must be included in the diet. Optimal enzyme consumption requires the consumption of raw, natural vegetables and fruits. Enzymes are sensitive to heat, which is why they should be consumed raw.

Proper consumption of vegetables and fruits

In order to effectively utilize heat-sensitive nutrients, it is important to include raw, natural vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Our eating habits often involve different cooking methods such as baking, steaming or boiling. While heat-stable nutrients can be supplied in sufficient quantities through cooking, proper absorption of heat-sensitive nutrients is challenging because they can be compromised during the cooking process.

Functional nutrients such as vitamin U, vitamin C, anthocyanins and sulforaphane as well as important enzymes for our well-being are particularly sensitive to heat.

Therefore, it can be said that vegetables and fruits can only be consumed properly if they are consumed raw.

The seeds and peels of vegetables and fruits, which are often carelessly thrown away, are rich in nutrients.

When you eat vegetables and fruits, do you still throw away the seeds and peels? The seeds and peels of vegetables and fruits, which are often carelessly thrown away, are rich in a number of nutrients.

Global research shows that grape seeds and peels contain more nutrients than the pulp, apple peels are rich in quercetin, and pomegranate seeds and peels are rich in phytoestrogens.

Therefore, it can be said that vegetables and fruits can only be consumed properly if they are eaten raw.

The benefits of freshly squeezed juices, from vegetables and fruits

With a refreshing glass of juice, enjoying plenty of vegetables and fruit becomes child's play

It's not easy to eat large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits. However, when they are processed into juice, it is easy to consume large quantities.

With a simple sip you save yourself from chewing,
This means you can easily and conveniently consume all the important nutrients your body needs in a single glass of juice.

Experience the optimal absorption of the nutrient richness of vegetables and fruit

Choosing to juicing rather than simply chewing vegetables and fruits improves the absorption rate, allowing for more efficient and faster absorption of nutrients. It makes it easy and quick to absorb nutrients, even in the midst of a hectic daily life. It also offers young children and older people with dental problems a convenient way to easily consume important nutrients.

Add effective intake of delicious fiber from vegetables and fruits to your diet

Created when juicing vegetables and fruits
Fiber known for its excellent water solubility.

Soluble fiber penetrates deep into the intestines, promoting intestinal health and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This prevents lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Reasons for Hurom Juicer

Enjoy the juice in its original color, full flavor and nutrients. Without destroying heat-sensitive nutrients.

Hurom offers a juice that contains the distinctive color, flavor and nutrients of vegetables and
Fruits preserved through patented low-speed juicing technology. Can be pressed gently without affecting heat-sensitive nutrients or causing layer separation.

Enjoy vegetables and fruit without harmful artificial additives

Would you like to treat your loved ones or yourself to a juice that does not contain artificial additives that could harm your body, such as synthetic flavors?
Citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar and fruit juice concentrate?

Hurom delivers juice that preserves the distinctive color, flavor and nutrients of vegetables and fruits, without artificial additives and without a drop of water.



With Hurom you can easily drink a large amount of vegetables and fruits in one cup. Hurom preserves the natural color, flavor and nutrients of vegetables and fruits without compromising heat-sensitive nutrients.
Hurom preserves the natural color, flavor and nutrients of vegetables and fruits, including the valuable nutrients from seeds and peel.

Huroms – sincerity in dealing with natural fruits and vegetables

We firmly believe that humans are part of nature and eating natural vegetables and fruits is the beginning of good health.

Looking for efficient ways to consume natural vegetables and fruits, Hurom developed the Slow Juicer.

Eating vegetables and fruits regularly is a shortcut to achieving nutrient balance in the body, and Hurom offers an easy and convenient way to absorb even the heat-sensitive nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.

Hurom is the only household appliance in the world that comes from a sincere desire
based on natural vegetables and fruits.

What makes Hurom so special?

Slow squeeze technology

Hurom's patented slow-squeeze technology uses an auger to squeeze the juice (similar to squeezing an orange by hand), rather than chopping fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders do. This natural movement does not damage the ingredients and preserves the natural taste and nutrients.