Contents of the gift box

3 x Tea Stick

Organic Christmas tea

Organic Christmas tea with apple and cinnamon

A berry-spicy fruit-spice tea with hand-picked hibiscus flowers from Burkina Faso, apple pieces and warming spices such as cinnamon (Fairtrade), cloves and ginger.

Finely rounded with licorice and chicory root.


  • Color of the tea: dark wine red
  • Tea blend of fruits and spices
  • Aromatic and strong in taste

3 x Tea Stick

Organic mulled wine

Spice mixture with exotic ingredients

The finest cinnamon in the world from Fairtrade small farmer cooperatives and hand-picked cloves suitable for all kinds of hot drinks .

With the warm, spicy aromas paired with citrus peel , anise, ginger and cardamom , the spice mixture perfectly rounds off your hot drink in cold seasons .

A spice world trip for inner warmth!


  • Color: delicate yellow-orange
  • Contains no bitters, no tannins, no caffeine
  • Spicy, full-bodied, exotic, oriental
  • Natural flavours

The double-walled borosilicate tea glass

It does not contain any chemicals or substances that are harmful to health and is tasteless . This means that the tea glass does not absorb any odors , tastes or discoloration.

Keeps hot things hot for longer and cool things cool for longer

The advantages over conventional tea glasses:

  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Light glass and yet stable
  • Chemical free
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Shatterproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sustainable

Glass can always be 100% recycled.