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For all questions about repairing a KOENIG, FOODSAVER®, CROCKPOT®, STYLIES® household appliance, we recommend the following procedure:

Read the operating instructions carefully again. If the problem still exists; Bring the defective device directly or send it to:

TAVORA Service Center

Tramweg 33, 6414 Oberarth

Tel. 041 766 72 10


Please pack the goods for transport, complete with all accessories, a delivery note with a detailed description of the error and the guarantee certificate if the device is still within the guarantee period. Please note the terms and conditions.

When purchasing a household appliance from the KOENIG, FOODSAVER®, CROCKPOT®, STYLIES® and ROIDMI brands, the so-called advance recycling fee (vRG) has already been paid. You can therefore return the old device to a public collection point for SENS eRecycling. SENS eRecycling is considered an expert in the sustainable recycling of used electrical and electronic devices, specializing in small and large household appliances, refrigerators, construction, garden and hobby equipment, toys as well as lights and bulbs. www.sens.ch

The KOENIG, FOODSAVER®, CROCKPOT®, STYLIES® service portal offers an easy way to order spare parts. You need the item number and this allows you to identify the spare part in the service portal and query its availability.

Coffee machine Finessa

- Remove the water tank and examine the interior for pieces of coffee beans that prevent the water tank from being inserted correctly.

- Carry out descaling

1. Choosing the right beans

The right choice of beans is crucial for the quality and taste of the coffee. Please note the following: When preparing coffee in a fully automatic machine, coffees are brewed with a short extraction time. Medium roasts made from 100% Arabica (or with a high-quality Robusta content) are particularly suitable. Light roasts are only suitable to a limited extent for fully automatic machines, as the extraction time (brewing time) is too short for aroma development and only the acidic notes are dissolved.

2. The optimal grind level

If the grinding level is set too coarse and the espresso flows through too quickly, the coffee powder has too little surface area and the water is in contact with the coffee for too short a time. The result will be an acidic and watery coffee with few flavors. If the grinding level is set too fine, the coffee can taste bitter and the grinding level should be set a little coarser. Basically, our machine has an optimal grinding level set at the factory, we recommend not adjusting this.

3. The ideal amount of water

The amount of water per coffee can be changed in our fully automatic machine. However, we advise against only increasing the amount of water if you want a large coffee, as this waters down the coffee and can also dissolve many bitter substances. We therefore recommend purchasing two drinks. If the coffee is too strong for your taste, you can later add hot water to the coffee. This is called an “extended” or Americano.

4. The perfect cleaning

Admittedly, cleaning isn't the most fun task - but it may be the most important! On the one hand, this influences the hygiene and thus the longevity of the machine, and on the other hand, it also influences the taste of the coffee. Daily cleaning: Empty the water tank every day and fill it with fresh water every day. Also empty and rinse the drip tray, residual water container and pulp container every day. Also rinse the brewing unit briefly every day. In particular, allow the pomace container and brewing unit to dry thoroughly before putting them back into the machine.

Is the water tank inserted correctly? Draw a cup of hot water from the machine to remove air bubbles from the hoses. Remove the water tank and examine the interior (under the water tank) for pieces of coffee beans. Also check whether the spout is blocked.

Please draw 2 cups of hot water. Descale the water tank, let the outside and inside of the water tank dry, as well as the interior under the tank container.

The grounds bin sign is still lit. Wait until the symbol flashes before pushing the pulp container back in. Machine must be switched on.

Degrease the machine with the KOENIG/TURMIX Clean Coffee cleaning tablets

The sensor is probably not working due to fogging on the water tank. Descale the water tank, wipe it down and let the inside and outside dry.

The first coffee is a little cooler than the following ones. Preheat cup with hot water. Avoid adding too much cold milk or cold coffee cream to the coffee. Additionally carry out the descaling program.

Start the descaling process again. Afterwards, do not press any further buttons until the machine has switched off automatically. The water tank and water tank box must be dry.

Tried all levels of the grinder. Always only adjust one level while the grinding process is running. Then wait for 3-4 coffees. Try other coffee beans. Preferably beans for espresso machines.

Press the button for the selected type of coffee again.

A little bit of coffee powder is normal and unavoidable. If there is too much powder, clean the powder chute thoroughly with the brush provided and, if necessary, vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

Call HelpLine/Customer Service: +41 41 766 72 10

- Screen protector removed?

-Place your finger flat on the symbol, not just the fingernail/fingertip

-Remove any stains or marks

Please wait approx. 10 seconds or until the symbol flashes before reinserting the container.

Disposal instructions for coffee accessories