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A wealth of information about the fascinating world of coffee awaits you here. Immerse yourself in the long history and origins of the noble drink, discover inspiring coffee recipes and always stay up to date with the latest news from KOENIG coffee machines.

In our coffee lounge you are not just a guest, but part of a community that lives out its passion for coffee to the fullest. We look forward to taking you on this journey and taking you into the fascinating world of coffee.


Coffee enjoyment in barista quality!

Incomparable coffee enjoyment in barista quality! Discover an incomparable coffee experience with the new Baressa espresso machine! The integrated stainless steel coffee grinder grinds the beans directly before extraction and guarantees a full-bodied aroma in less than 1 minute.

Descaling the finesse

For first-class coffee

In this video we show you step by step how you can effortlessly descale your Finessa coffee machine. Descaling is crucial to maintaining optimal performance and the great taste of your coffee....


Gift ideas for coffee lovers

The contemplative Christmas season not only offers an opportunity to show gratitude, but also to pamper yourself with lovingly selected gifts. For coffee lovers who want to start their morning with the wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee, KOENIG coffee machines are the ideal choice. Or are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Then you are exactly right here...

Pumpking Season,, Rezept


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Recipe for delicious pumpkin spice latte. This autumnal drink is a real treat, perfect for lazy afternoons or to start the day with a touch of warmth and spice. Bring the scent and taste of autumn into your kitchen and let yourself be enchanted by this pumpkin spice latte.



The Baressa espresso machine impressed the tower experts with its perfect coffee quality. But the barista experts were also impressed by the simple operation and modern design...



An Espresso Martini is a delicious cocktail that combines the invigorating power of espresso with the elegance of a martini. Here's an easy recipe to make an espresso martini...



Coffee, the aromatic drink that wakes us up in the morning and accompanies us through our working days, has had a remarkable journey. Its origin story takes us to the highlands of Ethiopia and from there to the whole world. In this blog post we delve into the fascinating history of coffee and trace its traces into our cups...

Tips & Tricks

The right care

Almost every household in Switzerland has at least one coffee machine. The selection of coffee machines is very large these days: fully automatic machines, portafilters and capsule machines. All of these devices have one feature in common: they must be cleaned, degreased and descaled regularly. You can find the most important information about cleaning and descaling your coffee machine in this blog...



Who doesn't dream of the perfect coffee experience, like that time on holiday in Italy? This is now possible at home too! Thanks to the KOENIG Baressa espresso machine, you can make coffee just like a barista in Bologna - within a few minutes every morning...



As a refreshment on a hot summer day, after lunch or even while taking a walk. Quick and easy to prepare...


Perfect coffee

In the next few steps we will show you how you can create your own coffee specialty effortlessly and precisely. From selecting high-quality coffee beans to customizing the brewing process - we accompany you on your journey to an unforgettable coffee experience...



KOENIG fully automatic coffee machines with a return rate of just 0.3%! We are proud to inform you that the return rate of our KOENIG fully automatic coffee machines is extremely low compared to other brands, namely just 0.3%. This impressive result reflects our commitment to quality and reliability...


The oldest coffee roasting company in Switzerland | Tower coffee

KOENIG and Turm, the oldest roasting company in Switzerland, have joined forces to offer the best of both worlds: excellent fully automatic coffee machines and first-class coffee beans...