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Perfect coffee

Four easy steps

Four steps to the perfect coffee

Welcome to the world of perfect coffee preparation with KOENIG fully automatic coffee machines! You are about to discover the secret of a first-class coffee. In the next steps we will show you how you can create your own coffee specialty effortlessly and precisely. From selecting high-quality coffee beans to customizing the brewing process - we accompany you on your journey to an unforgettable coffee experience. Let's dive in together and find out how you can make your very own coffee dream come true with KOENIG fully automatic coffee machines.

the 4 steps to perfect coffee

  1. Select coffee beans: Start by selecting your personal favorite coffee beans. Quality is the key word here, and we at KOENIG particularly recommend the coffee beans from "Turm" , the oldest roasting company in Switzerland. They guarantee the full, exquisite taste of your coffee. Make sure to always choose freshly roasted beans to get the best possible flavor.
  2. Adjust settings: Use the setting options of your KOENIG fully automatic coffee machine to perfect the coffee to your taste. This includes 5 grinding levels – adjustable from coarse to fine.
  3. Keep an eye on water quality: Use high-quality and, if possible, filtered water to prevent deposits and contamination in the machine. Make sure the water container is clean and clean it regularly.
  4. Care and maintenance: Keep your KOENIG fully automatic coffee machine in top condition by carefully following the maintenance instructions. This includes regular descaling of the machine, cleaning the coffee spouts and emptying the coffee grounds container. A well-maintained machine guarantees consistently first-class coffee enjoyment.

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