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The Swiss brand STYLIES® has been developing and producing indoor climate devices since 2004 to improve air quality and our well-being . The brand name stands for the combination of Swiss quality with Swiss design . All products are designed with passion and arise from the wishes and needs of customers. In addition, the focus is on simple and intuitive operation of each individual device.
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We value quality indoor air
Air is the essence of our life. We cannot survive without air. Good air improves our well-being. Therefore, AIR is of central importance to us. We clean, humidify, dehumidify, heat, aromatize and circulate them for you - just to give you the best possible indoor climate . STYLIES® is the brand name for elegant and functional small electrical appliances that take on this task and our motivation for us.
In order to meet the highest quality demands of our customers, most of our products were developed and designed in Switzerland. Our aim is to be able to offer our customers a high level of functionality packaged in a modern and attractive design. That's why we keep up to date with trends, designs and new technologies and integrate them into new product ideas.

Optimal indoor climate with STYLIES®
The benefits of humidified air:
Health aspects:
  • Generally improved well-being
  • Sleep better. Improved ability to concentrate
  • No drying out of nose, eyes and skin
  • Reduction of the risk of infection (flu)
  • Reduces the occurrence of headaches and symptoms of fatigue
  • Reduction of allergic diseases
    Housing-related aspects:
    • Lower dust levels
    • Musical instruments do not go out of tune
    • No drying out of wooden furniture, wooden floors, paintings and antiques
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      STYLIES® humidifiers take on the task of raising the air humidity to the comfort level and thus enabling all of the advantages mentioned. Our humidifiers can not only be used to optimally humidify living spaces; there are other diverse areas of application, for example:
      • Offices and conference rooms
      • Botanical gardens and winter gardens
      • Rooms with musical instruments (piano etc.)
      • Hospitals
      • Wooden floors
      • Humidors/wet rooms
        STYLIES® humidifiers are equipped with the best technologies:
        A membrane vibrating in the ultrasonic range transforms water into the finest mist , which is released into the room using a fan . Since this mist is cold , there is no risk of burns . The limescale filter cartridge filters limescale out of the water so that the mist that emerges is fresh , clean and limescale-free . Ultrasonic devices also require very little power .
        Mucous membranes need moisture -
        The water is heated to the boiling point by a heating element and thus produces water vapor . In contrast to evaporators and ultrasonic devices, evaporators require a comparatively large amount of electricity. They are considered extremely powerful and ensure optimal distribution in the room . In addition, vaporizers produce completely germ-free vapor even without accessories .
        Mucous membranes need moisture -
        A specially treated filter cartridge absorbs the water from the water tank . Fans move dry air through these soaked filter cassettes and blow the humidified air back into the room. The humidification is not visually visible.
        Clear advantages :
        natural moisture release into the room
        no over-humidification possible
        antibacterial filters for healthy and efficient humidification performance
        Very low power consumption
        Whisper-quiet operation
        Easy cleaning of the devices
        Cost-effective to purchase
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