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With the heated lunch box with battery! - Heatsbox Go


Enjoy warm meals even on the go!

The end of the summer holidays is approaching and it's time to prepare for the new school year. In addition to buying school supplies and planning your timetable, it is important to also think about food. It can be difficult for students to eat a hot meal on the go. Reheating meals in the microwave can be time-consuming and inconvenient, and cold food often loses its enjoyment factor. But there is an innovative solution that can make lunch the highlight of the school day - the first heated lunch box with a battery,
the HeatsBox go from KOENIG!

The ideal companion for on the go:

Whether you are a schoolboy, student or working person, the HeatsBox Go is the ideal companion for a warm and delicious meal on the go. This innovative lunch box has been specially designed to keep your food warm and
giving you the flexibility to enjoy your meal exactly when you want.

The advantages of the HeatsBox go:

The HeatsBox go is different from conventional ones
Lunch boxes thanks to their integrated heating function and rechargeable battery. With the intuitive HeatsBox app you can easily choose the one you want
Select temperature and preferred heating process. Whether you want to enjoy your soup hot or your pasta warm, with the HeatsBox you can
Set the optimal temperature and heat your food exactly the way you like it. You can also use the app to set when your food should be ready so that it is perfectly heated in time for lunch.

Practical and user-friendly

The HeatsBox is not only functional, but also very user-friendly. It has an elegant and compact design that fits easily into your backpack or bag. The rechargeable battery ensures sufficient energy supply to keep your meal going for several hours
to keep warm. In addition, the lunch box is easy to clean as it has removable and dishwasher-safe components.



4 people

Preparation time:

about 20 minutes


Fry 400 g of shredded chicken in 2-3 tablespoons of hot sesame or rapeseed oil for about 4 minutes until golden brown, season with salt and pepper, remove from the pan. ➔

Recipe from le Menu

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