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The air quality

What influence does it have on our lives?

Indoor air quality affects our health.

Did you know that we humans... 80 to 90% - So the majority of our lifespan is spent in closed spaces such as apartments, offices, school rooms, etc.? That's why this should be especially the case own flat be the place to which people feel can withdraw , without disadvantageous Influences on his fear health to have to. However, the quality of indoor air often leaves something to be desired.

Reason for indoor air pollution

Numerous sources can affect the quality of indoor air Pollutant emissions adversely affect. They include building products , furniture and other Furnishings that can usually continuously release chemical substances. At the Ventilate can also do that Outside air to contamination contribute. At the Cook or at Renovation work arrive additionally pollutants in the Indoor air . Even that one Person himself impaired the Quality the air by him Carbon dioxide and humidity exhales . humidity also arrives activities How showers , Wash and Dry your clothes in the Space and can be used under certain conditions Mold formation lead .

Sufficient ventilation the rooms is therefore essential . However, it must be done sensibly so that energy is not wasted unnecessarily. For the reduction the Contaminant levels in the Indoor air through Ventilate has to outside air so clean be as possible.

The effects on our health

The components the Air can have a lasting negative effect on ours well-being have. For one thing, ours can performance suffer . On the other hand, you can health problems appear.

Bad Air quality is not only perceived as unpleasant. She impaired also that ability to concentrate and with that the Productivity . Irritated mucous membranes , itchy Eyes and Skin irritation are among the consequences. In addition, one can bad Air quality the Symptoms for Affected from Allergies or chronic Difficulty breathing considerably worsen . A long term one Burden with Pollutants can too serious diseases the respiratory tract but also that cardiovascular system.

Is an air purifier the solution?

People are aware of this influence the Air pollution on our organism more and more aware. Mechanical air filter systems are being used more and more often because air purifiers can be tiny small particles in the Collect air and filter .

air cleaner ensure good well-being and can reduce the risk of many diseases and illnesses. They prove to be a boon for allergy sufferers and offer the best air conditions for undisturbed development in children.

Can air purifiers reduce the risk of infection from aerosols?

The answer is YES! air cleaner protect better as the Ventilation from rooms . Air purification should therefore be included in the hygiene concepts of public spaces. Results from well-known institutes show that Aerosol concentration in rooms greater as 80m2 to a low level everywhere within a short period of time reduced can be. With the air purifier " Hercules" the Stylies brand has a device with big one Volume flow and high quality filter for schools , office space , business premises , waiting room , community - and clubhouses , Residence and dining rooms , Fitness studios or larger living rooms a new good solution on offer. The “good feeling” purified Air can you psychologically for visitors , employees and don't underestimate residents. With a powerful air cleaner you don't just promote one better feeling , but at the same time offers a good one Indoor climate .

The Hercules from Stylies stands for Performance and qualitative improvement the room air for public buildings and larger living spaces.

  • Whisper-quiet brush motor with only 20dB to 66dB
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with a high air flow
  • Highly efficient Hepa filter integrated with carbon filter
  • Touchscreen with child lock
  • WIFI function with app control

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Stylies Hercules for clean indoor air

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