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Hello Spring!

Survive the pollen season with the new Alpha air purifier.

Hello Spring!

We refer to the good air that we breathe as “fresh air” . It should be objectively clean - that means it is free of impurities, free of pollen and as free as possible from dust particles and has no substances harmful to health .

In addition, good air must also be perceived as pleasant , natural and fresh .

Even though the flowering period of hazel and alder has already ended in February, reach its pollen in mild temperatures and dry weather There are still moderate levels of pollution throughout Switzerland . The ash trees are now beginning to bloom on the north side of the Alps, but south of the Alps they are already more advanced. Stylies, air purifier Alpha, kitchen-more.ch

Plants that commonly cause pollen allergies:

  • Trees: birch, alder, ash, cedar, hazelnut, willow, plane tree, olive and hornbeam
  • Grasses: ryegrass and timothy
  • Weeds: ragweed, nettle, mugwort, goosefoot and sorrel

Do you know the symptoms of a pollen allergy?

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • asthma
  • Increased mucus production

Stylies, air purifier Alpha, kitchen-more.ch

Good to know

They still exist, the devices for clean air indoors. Now set the humidifier , set up the air purifier for this and put into operation . It's worth it and promotes the feel-good effect in your home.

Tip for outside

Are you outside in nature , then enjoy the spring time, by wearing sunglasses . Sunglasses have two positive effects: they keep some of the pollen out of your eyes and they protect your perhaps already irritated conjunctiva, which is more sensitive to light than usual during the allergic reaction.

No joke

Those suffering from allergies can get through wearing a corona protective mask also protect relatively well from pollen. If your mouth and nose are covered by a mask, the amount of pollen inhaled will be significantly lower. It is therefore very likely that the nasal and possibly also the bronchial symptoms can be alleviated.

The world's first air purifier with certified SARS-COV-2

Now there is the AIR PURIFIER with 100% FILTRATION RATE

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The new Stylies Alpha with a filtration rate of 100% is ready for market launch. The CROP university laboratory has confirmed that the new Stylies Alpha air purifier filters 100% SARS-COV-2 viruses. Accordingly, all other particles that want to plague us also get stuck in the filter.

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