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The perfect humidity

Health and well-being


The optimal humidity range for human well-being and health is between 40 and 60%. Low relative humidity indoors can occur due to factors such as heaters or weather conditions and can fall below 40%. Maintaining optimal humidity has the following benefits:

1. Protection against dry skin, eyes and respiratory tract

The dry winter air can dry out our skin and cause unpleasant itching. At the same time, dry mucous membranes in the respiratory tract can lead to irritation and colds. A humidifier helps keep the humidity in our rooms at a comfortable level, which in turn protects the skin and respiratory tract.

2. Reducing colds and infections

Dry air promotes the survival of airborne viruses and bacteria. With a humidifier we can increase the humidity and reduce the spread of pathogens. This is especially important for staying healthy during flu and cold season.

3. Improving Sleep Quality:

Dry air can also affect sleep quality. Dry nose and throat can cause snoring and restless sleep. A humidifier ensures optimal humidity in the bedroom and thus contributes to a more restful sleep.

4. Increased comfort:

Last but not least, a humidifier makes our rooms more comfortable. With the right humidity we feel more comfortable and find our rooms more pleasant.

Conclusion: A humidifier is a must-have in the cold season.
The benefits of a humidifier in the cold season are many and affect both our health and well-being. Whether you want to avoid dry skin, prevent colds or simply create a pleasant indoor climate, a humidifier can help.


Ultrasonic humidifier Lynx

Compact humidifier with impressive performance and many benefits

Effective humidification

360° rotating mist outlet

Thanks to its 360-degree rotating mist outlet, the Lynx humidifier humidifies the room air evenly and prevents wet spots from forming on the floor and surfaces. Due to their fine size, the water particles remain suspended in the air for longer and provide effective humidification.

Safe and effective

Quiet sleep mode

In sleep mode, the humidifier operates quietly and all LED indicators are turned off. For a restful sleep.

Safe and effective


Uses the antibacterial power of silver ions to eliminate germs and bacteria in water. (patented technology). Special Silversan material for a permanent and even distribution of silver ions across the water.


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Dry air promotes the Drying out of skin and mucous membranes and thus increases the risk of infection.

That's why sufficient humidity in the rooms is very important .

Is the moisture and pollution in the rooms Not in Balance , they can Effects on our organism and Well-being from mood disorders to illnesses are sufficient:

Dry and scratchy eyes
Allergic reaction
Dizziness attacks
Loss of performance
Odor nuisance
Irritated respiratory tract

Humidity depends on temperature!

In cold seasons the air becomes very dry due to the drop in temperature . The colder the air gets, the less it can absorb moisture .
If you breathe out when the outside temperature is cold, the moist air you breathe will be visible as mist .

The air cannot bind the moisture in the air you breathe, so it becomes visible and later falls to the ground .

This cold and dry outside air automatically enters our living spaces through ventilation .
The room air is also dried out by heating .
It is essential for our well-being to have a relative humidity of at least 40% to 55% in our living spaces.

Humidity below 40% is generally referred to as “dry air.”

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