Mucous membranes need moisture

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Dry air promotes the Drying out of skin and mucous membranes and thus increases the risk of infection.

That's why sufficient humidity in the rooms is very important .

Is the moisture and pollution in the rooms Not in Balance , they can Effects on our organism and Well-being from mood disorders to illnesses are sufficient:

Dry and scratchy eyes
Allergic reaction
Dizziness attacks
Loss of performance
Odor nuisance
Irritated respiratory tract
A good feel-good climate

Humidity depends on temperature!

In cold seasons the air becomes very dry due to the drop in temperature . The colder the air gets, the less it can absorb moisture .
If you breathe out when the outside temperature is cold, the moist air you breathe will be visible as mist .

The air cannot bind the moisture in the air you breathe, so it becomes visible and later falls to the ground .

This cold and dry outside air automatically enters our living spaces through ventilation .
The room air is also dried out by heating .
It is essential for our well-being to have a relative humidity of at least 40% to 55% in our living spaces.

Humidity below 40% is generally referred to as “dry air.”

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