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70 years king

Celebrate this royal anniversary of the Swiss with us
Brand that has stood for quality and innovation since 1953!

Since it was founded in 1954 by the visionary and pioneer Friedrich Koenig in Zurich-Schwamendingen, KOENIG has secured a permanent place in the hearts of Swiss households. As the inventor of the electric grill for the home, Friedrich Koenig was affectionately known as “dä Grill Koenig” - and his name became a synonym for outstanding quality and inventiveness.

Over the years, the KOENIG brand has continuously expanded its range, always focusing on quality, innovation and functionality. From coffee machines, raclette grills to deep fryers, microwaves and heated lunch boxes with batteries, the focus has always been on the needs of customers and innovative solutions are offered.

Today, after 70 years, KOENIG is more than just a brand – KOENIG
is a symbol of quality, reliability and tradition. We are continuing this long tradition and continue to strive for excellent and innovative products that will continue to delight our customers in the future. The fact that our efforts are honored and appreciated is also demonstrated by the fact that consumers voted the KOENIG brand SWISS BRAND OF THE YEAR 2023/2024 in eight categories.

Celebrate 70 years of royal quality and innovation with us! Discover KOENIG’s diverse and growing range and find out how
We can enrich your home with our high-quality household appliances and make your life a little easier.

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