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Spring is in the air and the festive Easter season is just around the corner! What could be nicer than inviting family and friends to a cozy Easter brunch? A festive meal that captures the freshness of spring and brings delicious flavors to the table. Here you will find delicious ideas and inspiration for an unforgettable Easter brunch. Have fun preparing it.

Perfectly prepared

Easter brunch

Brunch is a cozy one
Get together with the whole family – without stress and hectic. So that the Easter brunch does not become a stressful situation and you as the host can remain relaxed, many preparations can be made the day before or even earlier, such as setting and decorating the table and that
Clear space for the buffet.

Creative Easter brunch ideas

Colorful variety on the buffet: starters and snacks

Complete the buffet with a selection of appetizers that are not only delicious but also a feast for the eyes. Egg salad served in a nest, salmon rolls with cream cheese or mini caprese skewers are not only delicious but also festive to look at.

Savory and sweet

Mediterranean quiche

A savory quiche is always a good choice for brunch. Enjoy this easy-to-prepare quiche with Alpro
Skyr style without sugar. - A treat for every brunch lover.

BriocheFrench toast with berries

Treat your guests to a sweet highlight. Brioche French toast topped with fresh berries and a hint
Powdered sugar forms the crowning conclusion of the main course.

Side dishes and salads

Fresh, green accents should not be missing at Easter brunch. A light rocket salad with strawberries and almonds or a cucumber-mint-yoghurt sauce ensure the perfect freshness.

Desserts and sweets

Treat your guests to a selection of delicious desserts. Mini cheesecake cupcakes, carrot cake muffins or plaited bunnies that make brunch a real one
Have a pleasure experience.

Variety of drinks:

Freshly squeezed juices, tea, coffee

To round off your Easter brunch perfectly, we have prepared a refreshing selection of drinks for you. Start the day with freshly squeezed juices that not only taste delicious, but also ensure a healthy start.
Our tip: Use the citrus squeezer
, to im
Prepare fresh fruit juices in no time.

Easter is a great opportunity to share the joy of spring and enjoy time with your loved ones. With this varied selection of dishes and fresh ingredients, Easter brunch will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.


We wish you one
Have a successful Easter brunch with friends/family and happy Easter!

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