Valentinstag -

Valentine's Day

With the table grill Dinner for 2 from KOENIG ❤

An old saying goes: 'As we all know, love works
through the stomach.' What could be more romantic than one prepared together
Candlelight dinner? February 14th is considered the day of lovers. Why not take this opportunity to create a special and romantic meal?
In this blog post you will learn how you can easily conjure up an unforgettable Valentine's Day dinner with delicious ingredients using the table grill Dinner for 2 from KOENIG .

Love and food form a lifelong relationship that is deepened through the preparation of favorite foods. The familiar taste
gives us a feeling of home and security. It's a pleasure to think outside the culinary box and discover new dishes together. Whether tried-and-tested classics or fresh creations - sharing enjoyment as a couple makes the moment twice as beautiful. So why not explore the boundaries together at a table grill dinner? Creativity can flow here and everyone can prepare their favorite dishes as they please. And maybe you’ll even try your partner’s delicacies?

With the table grill
Dinner for 2 from KOENIG
is a romantic evening for two to celebrate

The perfect ingredients for the table grill:

Cherry tomatoes

Lamb chop





Chicken breast fillets

Bunch onions





Herb quark

pearl onions

Boiled beans

The crowning glory of enjoyment: sauces

A barbecue evening is rounded off with the right sauces. In addition to the classics, extravagant sauces and dips can also enrich the taste experience. Below are some delicious suggestions:

Classic tzatziki


Wild garlic pesto

Green asparagus

Sirirache Grill Sauce

Discover the joy of cooking together and enjoy
unforgettable Valentine's Day dinner for two!

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