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Meal preparation

Made easy with rice as a versatile base

A balanced diet in a hectic everyday life? Between work, family and obligations, there is often no time for cooking and other important things. But even in stressful times, you don't have to go without healthy meals. With the concept of “preparing meals” you can enjoy healthy meals even under time pressure. In this blog post we have put together the most important tips and tricks for you on how you can easily implement this.

Rice as a base

Rice is not only a tasty ingredient but
also extremely versatile and nutritious. With different types of rice such as basmati, whole grain rice or jasmine rice, there are numerous ways to add variety to your diet. Rice is also an excellent source of fiber and various vitamins and minerals.

Rice as the perfect meal prep base

Rice is the ideal basis for numerous dishes such as exotic curries, vegetable stir-fries and protein-rich bowls with chicken or tofu. Its versatility allows you to be creative and create new dishes again and again. By pre-cooking rice in large quantities and easily portioning it, you save valuable time in the kitchen and always have a healthy meal on hand.

Tips for preparation


The amount:

Determine in advance how much rice you need for the week and cook the appropriate amount. This way you avoid food waste.

Different types of rice:

To add variety to your meals, try different types of rice. Each variety has its own taste and consistency.

Spices and herbs:

Season your rice with different spices and herbs for extra flavor and variety.



With the low carb rice cooker from KOENIG you can eat low calories
Prepare rice for your meal prep. Thanks to various functions and the low-carb function, you save time without having to sacrifice taste.

The technology behind this rice cooker is remarkable.
During cooking, the low carb rice cooker separates the rice from some of the cooking water. The cooking water contains a significant amount of starch, i.e. carbohydrates. This starch is normally absorbed into the rice, making it high in carbohydrates. The low carb rice cooker collects the starch in a special collecting container. In this way, some of the carbohydrates are diluted with the cooking water and do not end up in the finished rice. The result is a rice with reduced carbohydrate content.

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